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Compassionate Pet Care

Picking the right dog walker is a tough decision…

Your pets are family but does your dog walker treat your pet with the same care and love as you do?

Well, at Paws Dog Camp
 we know that your pet is part of your family. That’s why we promise to always treat your furry friends with the same love and care that we give our own pets every day.

We will put your mind at ease as our team goes the extra mile to give you and your dog a 5-star experience.

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Complete Dog Care Services

High-Quality Pet Care Provided By Our Friendly And Experienced Team

Off Leash Dog Walking

A happy dog is a well-exercised dog

Your pet’s long hair, unclipped nails and dirty teeth can invite bigger problems, like parasites, infections and periodontal disease.

Our pet-loving team treat your pets gently and with great care as they wash, trim and groom them. We send your buddy home happy, looking and feeling their absolute best.

Pet Sitting

For those who are traveling 


Spaying and neutering your pets is critical, both to reduce unwanted behaviors and to avoid the expense and responsibility of an unplanned litter of kittens.

At [business name], we’ll always treat your pets wich care...and we’ll make sure you’re fully prepared to help your pet make a quick and full recovery when you head home.

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Because It’s Our Clients That Matter Most.

Best experience ever!


Darla, our 5-year old Corgi, suffers from anxiety. We were nervous going to a new vet but the whole staff so gentle and kind with her! It was by far the best experience we’ve ever had with a veterinarian.

Professional & compassionate


We’ve been taking our dogs to [Company Name] for 15 years. Dr. Bob handles explains us everything and is so great with our pets. We love them!


Answered my questions. 


So, I’ve been to a lot of vets and it’s hard to find one that really listens. These guys listened and seemed to actually care. They even answered all my questions! Great experience overall.


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Who We Are:

The Friendliest Veterinarians In [City Name]

We’ve been caring for the animals of [City Name] and their families with expertise and compassion for [number] years. We’re proud to have helped thousands of families just like yours with all of their pets’ medical needs-- from vaccines to surgeries and from newborn weaning through end of life care.

First and foremost, we’re animal lovers. So we’ll always treat your animals gently and with respect, whether we’re giving a vaccine or a physical exam or performing surgery. We'll also take the time to listen to you, answer your questions, and a develop a care plan for a long, healthy life.

Come by and see us, we’ll be waiting to meet you!

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Your Family.

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 Meet Our Awesome Team:

Experienced & Compassionate Dog Lovers

Dr. Jennifer M.



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Oscar Patino



Hi, I’m Oscar! Originally from Colombia, I came here to the USA in 2002. I have always been passionate about animals, especially dogs. Dog wrangler during the week and enjoy hikes, nature and dog walking on the weekends. I am happy and grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside PAWS Dog Camp to provide a safe and fun environment for all our wonderful furry clients.

Gaby Rios



Hi, my name is Gaby. I’m half Ukrainian & half Nicaraguan. Growing up in the Ukraine, I was around all sorts of animals from cows to chickens to dogs and cats. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been passionate about  animals, and working with them is a dream come true. I love staying active and being outdoors. Getting to spend my day outside with the doggies brings my heart so much joy!. 

Janice Whon



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Hear What Pet Owners Like You Are Saying About Us:

Carole W.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do my pets need see the vet?

Most pets need at least some vaccines each year. For this reason and others, s we recommend at least one wellness checkup per year, even for otherwise healthy pets. Older pets may need more frequent visits. We will recommend a treatment schedule for your pet at your first checkup.

Should I have my pet spayed or neutered?

We recommend that most pet owners have their pets spayed or neutered before their first birthday. This helps reduce the number of unwanted pets and control unwanted behaviors. Of course, we’d be glad to discuss your individual situation with us when you come to see us.

Are teeth cleanings really important?

Absolutely. Gum disease is major problem for pets that can seriously impact their quality of life. We recommend a once-a-year dental cleaning to prevent any long-term issues.

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Pet Sitting Hours

Monday through Sunday

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