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5 Ways to Waste Money in Ads

Most businesses engage in some form of advertising but not all of them manage to avoid wasting money on ads. It's easy to get a bad return on investment (ROI) on your ad spend but if your ads avoid the mistakes below, you'll be well on your way to having more success with your advertising.  

1. Boring Advertising

The best way to get someone to tune out is to bore them. 

You probably can't think of them now but you've seen ads that are just dull. You can't remember them right now because of how unmemorable they were, but next time you're online or watching tv or driving down a highway with billboards, pay attention.  Which ads are completely forgettable? 

Make sure your ad isn't like that.  Always have a clear message that captures attention and a well-styled ad that carries through to your brand.  

2. One Off Advertising 

Advertising in a single installment does not bring good results. Very few people convert when they see a product or service advertised for the first time. 

You need to follow up several times if you are to get results. Think about many times you decided to buy something. But somewhere along the way, you forgot to finish the process because of a mundane life event like the phone ringing and distracting you. This happens to everyone, including your audience. 

The best way to get back on their radar is to keep advertising to them - remind them that you're there and ready to help them. 

3. Repetitive & Dull Advertising

Lots of businesses use the same ad over and over.  Unless there is something incredibly unique about your ad, what you're going to end up with is "banner blindness", which is the tendency for your potential clients to immediately tune out your ad because it's old and boring.

This is why major brands are constantly releasing new ad campaigns - they don't want to be boring and tuned out. 

If you copy someone's ad, you're just increasing the speed at which you'll be tuned out because your audience is already familiar with the original ads and will dismiss yours as "more of the same." 

Make sure your ads are all unique and eye-catching. 

4. "Shot in the Dark" Advertising 

Advertising is not like throwing spaghetti at a wall - you can't just see what works.  It's too time-intensive and expensive for that to make sense. Yes, you should split test but you should be split testing details to optimize because you already have a good understanding of your audience and are speaking to them. 

Expect to spend a good amount of time researching your audience and what they like/hate/need/want. It's time-consuming and exhausting but will pay dividends when your ads are successful.  If you don't have the time/energy/inclination, consider working with an agency that already understands your audience.

5. Me, Me, Me Ads 

Have you managed to find out what your clients need? Do you talk about it in your ads? If all you do is talk about yourself and how amazing you are, they are going to tune out and move on. 

Your ads need to speak to your audience about their problems and the solutions you have for them. You should talk about how you're the best business to provide that solution for them but if all you do is talk about yourself, you're skipping the most important part of your ad's messaging. 

Learn how to improve your ads and boost your return on investment (ROI) by speaking to one of our specialists today.

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