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March 08.2022
1 Minute Read

How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back

In business, the customer is always right - often puzzled, misguided, disrespectful, stubborn, and changeable, but never ever wrong. You've likely thought of specific clients that matched those adjectives while reading that list and some of them may even make you cringe.

Clients (even the awful ones) are the reason you have a successful business. Without them, no matter what you do, there isn't any business.

For that reason, you need to approach customer service the same way you approach every other relationship that matters. Nurture the relationship with excellent behavior and unrelenting care. Each interaction builds on the previous one and improves (or destroys) client retention.

Here are a six straightfoward ideas for improving your relationships with your clients and increasing client retention.

1. Dazzle your clients with your service. The secret to excellent customer service is dealing with all your clients well, but not always the same way. React to their needs as individuals. While one client may require a ton of assistance and attention, another may choose an opportunity to browse with less help from you.

2. Anticipate the needs of your clients by stressing service over sales. Excellent service sells. However pushy service people who are always attempting to sell more can be a significant turnoff to all clients.

3. Treat your clients well by being a problem solver. If you can't help the consumer, assist them in finding somebody who can. Clients value your assistance - even when you aren't directly making money from a sale. Consider it an investment. They'll value the guidance and remember your company the next time they need your goods or services.

4. Be aware that the majority of rules should be flexible. Try not to say, "No, that's against the rules," to a client who's making a reasonable request. Your primary guideline - one that must never ever be compromised - is to keep your clients happy.

5. Nurture your staff members by providing the care and respect that you want them to offer your clients. If you treat them well, your employees will be excellent ambassadors of service. If you treat them badly, they'll treat your clients poorly in turn.

6. Have a fantastic customer service strategy and have it be visible in a central location for all to see. When staff members understand the importance of providing excellent customer service, they'll act on it and you will have clients returning over and over.

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