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March 02.2022
1 Minute Read

Why SEO Matters 

If your company is dependent on clients visiting your site, then you should take the time to ask yourself if you're happy with the quantity of business you're getting from your website. If the answer is yes and you're overwhelmed with work, then you most likely already have had your website optimized or selected other ways of marketing your business. However, given that you're reading this article, you are most likely searching for answers or ideas on how to drive more traffic to your business' website.

So let's address why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary. For starters, who doesn't want more clients, right? More business means more money and practically everyone I know enjoys making more money.

SEO is a vital part of an effective online marketing plan, especially if you want to make more money, not just now but for months and years to come. 

The internet is a huge place, full of millions of businesses across the world.Whatever

your company offers as a service is also most likely offered by numerous others. A few of your competitors have most likely already had their website optimized to rank well for the exact same services you want to sell. Your unoptimized website is less likely to rank than an optimized one, which means you're giving them the ability to effectively market to your potential customers and win their business.

An expert SEO can rank your website and bring the right traffic your way. Using a relatively obscure example to demonstrate, let's say you're selling candles and you want your website to come up in Google when some one key ins "candles".

Now there are several competing websites that are going on to rank for that keyword, but not as many as for other keywords. In this example, you'd be competing with approximately 7 million other sites that are utilizing that term.

Now you're probably saying to yourself 7 million! That's a lot! It may sound like a lot, but it's actually not that bad.

The keyword "candles" was searched around 2,580 times over the last 110 days according to a very accurate tool we use to discover the best keywords to use for SEO. If you rank # 1 for that term and you get everybody who searched for that keyword to click on your site and you get 10% of the overall traffic to finish a sale, that is 258 sales.

If a candle is 5 dollars and everyone just purchased one candle. 5x258 = $1290. Not bad, right? This is obviously an overly simplified example of the way SEO works but it is an effective one.  It takes time to rank a website and to maintain that ranking through Google CORE updates and changes in how people search. You'll never get 100% of the traffic and how well your website converts visitors depends on the website, not just the SEO. But, you're also not likely to be selling $5 candles or trying to rank for a term with so few searches.

Depending on the business, good SEO can mean the difference of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars of business every single month. 

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