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August 09.2021
3 Minutes Read

6 Questions Your Clients Are Secretly Asking You

To attract new clients, you need to be able to answer their unspoken questions. Quite often, potential clients don't even realize they want these answers so they won't be able to ask you directly. Instead, they'll rely on your website and other marketing materials to answer these questions for them. So make sure your website and content leaves none of the following 6 questions unanswered.

1. Is this a good value? 

Before they will spend even a penny with you, your clients need to know that they're getting a great value.  It doesn't matter what service you're providing - the pain your service solves needs to be greater than the money they're spending to solve it.  You don't need to sell the cheapest products or services if you can help your customers see the value in choosing you over anyone else. 

2. What's in it for me? 

Your potential clients have no time for your profile or who you are in society. That simply doesn't matter to them. What they want are the results from your service! What is it going to do for them? How do they stand to benefit? You need to be strategic here. If you focus your efforts trying to explain how your service benefits them, then you're doing a great job answering this question and will have more clients.

3. When can I have it? 

We have all become more impatient thanks to the focus on instant gratification that we have nowadays. People want immediate results. If you can deliver that service promptly, then you'll have a happy client. No one wants to wait weeks or months to solve their problem if they can avoid it. Make it clear when they can have it and if there are delays, do you best to explain why that actually benefits them (because of quality, customer support bandwidth, etc.)

4. Are you trustworthy? 

Most clients will stay away from your business when things sound too good to be true. Don't exaggerate or mislead anyone. When possible, let former clients sing your praises for you. The power of great testimonials should not be underestimated as many people trust real reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation. Use the praises your former and current clients sing about your services to show that you are trustworthy and attract new clients. 

5. Is this the best option? 

Most businesses need to create a balance between emotion and logic in the minds of their potential clients. The two can move together. What comes first is emotion, then after buying, logic comes in to create a balance. Make sure you also add logic in your marketing materials to give your clients the information they need to add logic to their emotional decisions.

6. How do I pay for this?

Don't make it hard for people to give you money. If it's confusing to figure out the payment process, people will give up and leave. Communicate clearly on your website and when booking an appointment whether you accept cash, cards, checks or some combination of the above. 

Make sure any payments accepted online are done through a secure payment portal and that your clients are reassured about the security of paying online.  

Ensure that your payment process is simple and easy for clients. If it is complex and frustrating, then forget about sales. People will not work that hard to give you money.

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