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February 09.2022
1 Minute Read

Get Your Traffic To Explode By Using Social Media!

Most people focus on the instant gratification of paying for traffic through ads and hide from the effort SEO takes (although it is ultimately worth it in the long run.) We get so focused on instant wins and all the effort that we forget about a great tool that we all have access to for free - all the social media platforms.

We mistakenly think that social media just for us to be social on and yes, that's how platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram started - but that's not how they're used nowadays. 

So many businesses have closed thanks to the pandemic that people no longer trust Google or Yelp's information to be accurate as far as operating hours, services offered, or even if a business is still open! That's when they turn to social media, because an open and active business will have updates and activity.

And because the information on their social media profiles is 100% under their control, visitors can rely on it being up-to-date and accurate. 

If you use your social media platforms correctly, you can easily drive lots of traffic to your website directly from your social media profiles. And not just will it be traffic, it'll be people who are looking for a business that offers the services your company provides.

Social media sites have more traffic than Google, and if you use the right methods and strategies to put yourself in front of that traffic, then you don't have depend on Google alone to get traffic to your website. 

While we wouldn't recommend ditching your Ad spend or SEO to focus exclusively on social media, having a social media plan and leveraging those sites for engagement, traffic, and yes, even backlinks (which help your SEO) is a smart idea.  Why wouldn't you want to use every possible tool to keep your business going and growing?

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